Great photo taken on one of our Hilton Head Dolphin and Sightseeing Tours

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Best Fishing Value
Fishing Trips starting at $295
Spend more time Fishing!
Most Popular Tour
3HR Beachcombing on
Surrounding Islands
$55 for Kids $60 for Adults
2 HR Dolphin Nature Tour
$35 for Kids $40 for Adults
($120 for Couples unless
with group then just $80)
3 HR & 4 HR Shark Fishing
$325 for 3Hrs (4 people)
$395 for 4 Hr (6 people)
Fireworks Sunset Cruise
$45 for Kids $55 for Adults
$99 for Couples
Inshore Fishing Charter
*Targeting Redfish*
$395 4HR includes everything
(Up to 4 Anglers)
See Dolphin Strand Feeding!
You've never seen Mother
Nature like this before!


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What do we bring?

Sunscreen, hats, bottled water, snacks, protective eye wear (kids especially), soft sole shoes, wind breaker jackets, and bathing suits. I have cooler on the boat, bring a bag with snacks and drinks to put in my cooler. Bring your cooler if you brought one from home but DO NOT buy a Styrofoam Cooler to take on the boat! They always break apart in pieces into the ocean!

If one of my kids acts up during our boat trip, can we throw them in the water and leave them for hungry sharks?

Of course we can! But If they die and I get turned into an accomplice, then I can't give my boat tours and fishing charters anymore! So on second thought, No! You cannot throw your kids in the water and leave them for hungry sharks!

Where are you located?

We are located at 68 Helmsman Way Hilton Head 29928

Is IslandAce Adventure Tours on Facebook? If I become a fan, will I get a discount on my tour or charter?

Yes and yes again. Look up IslandAce Adventure Tours, Click Like and receive 5% off on any boat charter.

Can we bring our dog Scruffy?

Yes. Bring Scruffy!!! Please don't leave your best companion in the hot car or hotel room.

Lowcountry temperatures are very very warm so make sure to bring a good dog bowl. Just let me know what's going on when you book your trip.

Are the dolphins more active in the morning or afternoon? Sunny or cloudy weather?

These Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphins are very active during all daylight hours. Dolphins hunt for food most of the day. The waters around Hilton Head are full of bait fish, crabs, and shrimp. so that why there is so many Dolphin here. Let's put it this way, I have found the dolphins on every trip that I have ever given. (Pretty good streak) Even in winter months when local dolphins are harder to find, I will not go back to the dock unless I find a dolphin, and have never had to extend the time of trip to do so.

Can we pet, feed, or swim with the dolphins?

No, No, and No again. We follow the Dolphin SMART program, we cannot pet, feed, or call them over by knocking on the side of the boat. You can make all the "eeeee eeeee eeee" silly dolphin noises you want, but I've found whistling at them works best. I have had by best dolphin encounters by not disturbing the dolphin, when you respect them they respect you. On a daily basis, they seem to put on a show. They are very curious and sometimes come right up to the boat to take a look at us. One customer joked that the dolphins pay to see us. Throughout our trips we will see them jump, splash, feed, and interact intimately with each other. For the Hilton Head Dolphins it's all about food and fun. Bring your video camera!

What have three young kids that need life vests? Do we have to buy our own?

Of course not. I buy new life vests every year and I have two of each child size. Your infant, toddler, and your texting teenager are all covered.

One of the people in our group just had knee surgery and the other is carrying some holiday weight, how is getting on and off the boat?

Helping hands are always around and the boat has sturdy seats and railings to accommodate everyone. Getting on and off is easy with an some assistance.

I'm thinking of surprising someone with one of your trips as a gift. How can I get a gift certificate or reserve a trip for them?

Yes. Give me a call or send me an email with what you are looking for. I can send you a valid E-Gift Certificate and they can pick the date of the trip.

Proposals, birthdays, anniversarys are always special when you have your own boat and private guide. Guys, this will definitely score you big brownie points with the ladies.

Is there a bathroom on board?

No there is no bathroom. We are never more than 5 minutes away from a comfortable restroom.




How many people can we bring? Right now, the boat holds 6 people very comfortably. Children, no matter how small, are still people according to the Coast Guard. Even if they are little wrecking balls. I can easily arrange a second boat to accommodate larger groups, and do so on a daily basis.

Always arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of your trip. Make sure everyone has used the restroom beforehand. If you are late and I have another trip after yours, we come back at the scheduled time. If I don't have another trip after yours, most of the time ill run the extra time. Be prepared! The more prepared you are, the better your entire experience will be.

Weather Policy. Always stay in touch with the captain about weather conditions. Regardless of what you think the weather looks like, come down to the dock and we will make a decision from there. If its total obvious we are not going out, then don't bother getting everyone out of bed and we will reschedule. Booking early in the week ensures getting the best trip possible.

24 HR Cancellation Policy There is a 24 HR Cancellation Policy for all guests and participants. If your trip is booked within that 24 HRs, your payment is made and trip is scheduled. In the event that you have to reschedule and it is your last day, you will receive a credit for the exact boat tour you have purchased. Give us a call whenever you are able to reschedule. If you had too much sun at the beach the day before or the guys went all out last night and are too hungover to show up for their fishing trip in the morning, I'm sorry it's a business and I'm charging you .We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for anything. If you're a jerk, I'm dropping you off at the nearest dock. Get yourself home. And I'm keeping your money. The captain is the highest authority on the boat. Parents are a close second. If we have bad weather, I will cancel the trip and issue a full refund. Weather cancellations are up to the captain. Trust me, he doesn't want to get wet either.