Private Crabbing Excursion

The Atlantic Blue Crab gets its name from its brightly colored Blue Claws tipped with orange and red. Males can measure over 6" across (point to point) and females can carry up to 2 million orange-brown eggs on their abdomen. As juveniles, Blues are easy targets for hungry herons, egrets, gulls, and fish. They have been known to drop a claw in defense and start to grow another claw back in 4 weeks! Crabs can be harvested as long as they are at least "5 inches" point to point and all pregnant female crabs are released. Learn how to hold and handle the crabs. If you get enough for dinner, Captain Chris will be sure to send you home with a few recipes on how to cook them. Most of the fun is catching and playing with the crabs. Occasionally, someone does get pinched but that is part of the experience. Let the Captain help you as he has done this many times before and enjoys sharing these skills with others. Crabs can be caught year-round in the creeks and estuaries that surround Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC

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