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2hr Private Crabbing Excursion

Learn about our Coastal Ecology on our 2hr Private Crabbing Excursion. All year long for Up to 6 people, Crabbing off Hilton Head Island is also a great way to see wildlife from a boat. Experience the outdoors with this family fun activity for all ages.

The Altantic Blue Crab gets its name from its brightly colored Blue Claws tipped with orange and red. Males can measure over 5" across(point to point) and females can carry up to 2 million orange-brown eggs on their abdomen. As juveniles Blues are easy targets for hungry herons, egrets, gulls, and fish. They have been known to drop a claw in defense and start to grow another claw back in 4 weeks! Crabs can be harvested as long as we only keep crabs at least "5 inches" point to point and release all pregnant female crabs. We will patiently teach you how to hold and handle the crabs. If you get enough for dinner, we'll be sure to send you home with a few recipes on how to cook them. Most of the fun is catching and playing with the crabs. Occasionally someone does get pinched but that is part of the experience. Let the Captain help you as he has done this many times before and enjoys sharing these skills with others. Crabs can be caught year round in the creeks and estuaries that surround Hilton Head Island and Bluffton SC

$245 for up to 4 People
$255 for 5 People
$265 for 6 People (up to 1200lbs)

3hr Kids Discovery Tour

Let "Kids be Kids" with the most hands on tour Hilton Head has to offer. As mini "Marine Biologists" we pull nets and inspect crab pots, learn how to handle small fishes and crustaceans, even learn skills they can take home! Best for growing minds!

Ive been successful with kids because of one mindset, Safety is number one and Fun is a very close number two. Being good with kids isn't taught, its just who I am. Bringing kids out into Nature is my passion. The 3hrs Kids Discovery Tour is exactly the one of a kind hands on nature experience your looking for. All with the patience and guidance of a seasoned professional local captain that has a passion to teach thirsty young minds. "We teach them skills they can use we they get home or sometimes later that week", for some travelers. Most days we cast a net off the side of the boat to catch all types of sea creatures. with each of the kids primed waiting to scoop them up and put them in their appropriate buckets, livewell tanks, or overboard. So many different creatures to come into contact with and learn about. Probably the most fun the kids have are playing with fish in the bucket, maybe naming one of them Freddy and them setting him free to swim another day.

The more outside time they acquire away from digital learning, the more children develop leadership skills and out of the box thinking. Playing with sticks or in this case getting hands dirty using nets with shrimps, fishes, and crabs is another way to expose them to real life activity and movement.

Let kids be kids on the most hands on educational boat ride Hilton head island has to offer!

$295 for Up to 4 People
$315 for Up to 5 People
$335 for Up to 6 People

3hr Beachcombing/Shelling Tour

(Most Popular Tour)

The 3hr Beachcombing/Shelling Tour to the Vanishing Island Sandbar or to Daufauskie Island Beaches. It incorporates our 2hr Dolphin Nature Cruise with around 45 mins of private beach exploration time. Perfect for those who like to venture off the beaten path.

Departing before the lowest tides(changing daily), the 3hr Dolphin Watch w Beachcombing/Shelling tour provides a unique perspective of Hilton Head and surrounding barrier islands. With around 45 minutes or so of off boat exploration time, we can explore islands and shoals only accessible by boat. The famed "Vanishing Island" is actually a shoal or sandbar that only exposes itself twice daily at low tide. We schedule these trips around the tide and sometimes tours can be very early in the morning or late in day. Please make sure to contact us ahead of time as some summer weeks can be busy and spots are limited. While exploring the beach we have found countless amounts of shells, conchs, whelks, devils purses, sand dollars, crabs, shark teeth, sea cucumbers, sea olives, sand fiddlers, mud snails, horseshoe crabs, sand hoppers, mole crabs. coquinas, and much much more. The ecosystem that surrounds Hilton Head Island is Pristine and this laid back boat ride is the best way to see it all. Explore uncharted waters in a custom designed skiff with one the most experienced guides on the Coast. Called the "Highlight of our Vacation to Hilton Head" for a reason, Our signature tour awaits.

$295 for Up to 4 People
$315 for Up to 5 People
$335 for Up to 6 People
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  • Hilton Head Island Fishing Excursions

4hr Inshore Fishing Trip

Fish for Redfish, Seatrout, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Tarpon, Bluefish, Ladyfish, with the whole family!

Come fish the pristine inshore waterways of the South Carolina coast with Naturalist Captain Christopher Neste, a native of Hilton Head Island with over 20 years’ experience navigating the waters around the island.

The 4-hour inshore fishing tour gives us the opportunity to hit some of Captain Chris's favorite fishing spots and gives your whole group a chance to land multiple fish. We'll travel the backwaters around Hilton Head, and you will get to know all of the species we see every day.

All ages and experience levels welcomed and encouraged!


$395 for up to 4 People

$445 for 5 People (Under 1200lbs.)

$475 for 6 People (Under 1200lbs.)

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3HR Kids Fishing Trip

This is our most affordable fishing trip for those who are on a tight budget and have young kids. If your Kids have never been fishing before, or has been a while since the last time you were fishing, that is OK. We will slowly teach them to handle a rod and reel, hook fish, and teach the safe ways to hold and handle their catch. I would remind people that this Kids Fishing Trip is best for kids under 10 years of age. The 4HR Inshore Fishing Trip is recommended for older kids and young kids together. If you have not take your kids fishing before, I Highly Recommend it! Bring your kids fishing,the earlier the better. They will love you for it!

$295 for up to 4 People
$325 for 5 People
$345 for 6 People
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