Kids Discovery Tour

Working with kids, there is one mindset, safety is number one and fun is a very close number two. Being good with kids isn't taught, it’s just natural for Captain Chris. Bringing kids out into nature is his passion. The 3hr Kids Discovery Tour is exactly the one-of-a-kind, hands-on nature encounter you’re looking to experience. All with the patience and guidance of a seasoned, professional, local captain that has a passion to teach thirsty young minds. They’ll learn skills they can use we they get home or sometimes even later that week. Most days you’ll catch all types of sea creatures by casting a net off the side of the boat. Each of the kids will be primed, waiting to scoop them up and put them in their appropriate buckets, live-well tanks, or back overboard. There are so many different creatures to come into contact with and learn about. Probably the most fun the kids have, is playing with fish in the bucket, maybe naming one of them Freddy and then setting him free to swim another day.

The more outside time they acquire away from digital learning, the more children develop leadership skills and out-of-the-box thinking. Playing with sticks, or in this case, getting hands dirty, using nets with shrimp, fish, and crabs is another way to expose them to real life activity and movement.

Let kids be kids on the most hands-on educational boat ride Hilton Head Island has to offer!

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